Electronic Sector

Having achieved considerable success in Turkey in the electronics sector in which it has been active since 1987, Aktürk Group has a competent staff and a wide sales and service network. Aktürk Electronics having been the regional and general distributor of the global brands such as Nokia, Samsung, LG and Blackberry was among the top three companies with 10% of market share with bar type phones in 2009. Aktürk Group, which matured its branding activities in 2007, started manufacturing mobile phones, tablets and computers with the Concord brand. Aiming to provide customer-focused service approach with more than 50 service networks in Turkey, Aktürk has met the expectations with both product and service approaches and has succeeded in getting ahead of its competitors.

Producing the first mobile phone in 2007, the first tablet in 2008 and the first touch phone in 2009 with the Concord brand, Aktürk Group has expanded its product range with the peripherals of its products and has become one of the important players in the electronics sector.