Concord SmartPad Perfect Design

Concord Technology Chairman Muhittin Akturk, "Concord SmartPad much higher than its competitors, we are proud of this together," he said.The Concord SmartPad is a highly successful and high performance phablet. It has proven to be a very successful device with high sound and image quality, compatibility with its accessories, and features like navigation, phone and tablet, in some factors such as picture quality, business applications and processor speed.

For those who like to play mobile games, watch movies on long journeys or listen to music for hours on the phone, one of the most successful phablets is on the market. Phablet has a performance that focuses entirely on entertainment, as well as accessories that make its functions even more practical. 'Tablet with phone' While Concord SmartPad 3G brings a new breath to the phablet market, it can challenge competing with its successful design and vivid colors. The SmartPad 3G in the Phablet class is similar to the SmartPad Duo, while Concord is the largest device available.

AKTÜRK, "WE ARE LIVING IN THE FIRST IN TURKEY" Concord Technology Chairman Muhittin Aktürk said, "We are experiencing the happiness of living firsts in Turkey. We are striving to capture innovations as a team in order to raise our targets day by day by presenting the innovations in many technological products and the projects that will bring us forward with the power we have obtained from our valued customers. We are delighted to present the SmartPad Phablet, which was the first in Turkey as Concord, to the market with reasonable price advantage.