"Concord InterPlus" reveals a serious design difference compared to previous mobile phones.

The Turkish brand "CONCORD", which has been frequently mentioned by its innovations with the experience of years of accumulation, is getting ready to come out with brand new products in 2015. For months, the highly anticipated device came with significant innovations in performance and design."Concord InterPlus" reveals a serious design difference compared to previous mobile phones. Concord is redesigned from the ground up by designers and engineers.

The InterPlus has a 5.0-inch screen and is the first feature of this screen multiplier; It has "HD" quality.For those who do not know immediately InterPlus Turkey's thinnest and lightest mobile phone. 6.5 mm thin and weighs 125 grams. 16 GB internal memory, 5 MP Selfie, 13 MP rear camera."Concord InterPlus" offers the latest version of Android and a powerful 4-core processor.It is one of the mobile phones that will attract the attention of those who play mobile games, watch movies on long journeys or listen to music for hours on the phone.

The InterPlus comes with accessories that make the functions even more practical, as well as the Flip Cover case gift. The design, which comes in two different colors, white and black, surrounded by a steel body, can be very challenging for the competition in the industry.Aktürk Group Board Member Muhittin Aktürk; "We brought a new breath to the mobile phones at the head of technological products that we have not dropped from our hands. Thanks to the feedback we receive from our valued customers and stakeholders, we are committed to moving the industry forward with confident steps. While the size of smartphones was spoken up to 2 years ago, now "5.0" is the ideal size. We are proud to present "InterPlus" with the ease of video viewing, playing games, surfing on the internet and video viewing on our large screen with our new "5.0 inch" size.