Mahbuba Tea

Mahbuba Tea delivers the unique taste of Ceylon tea to consumers in more than 40 countries, especially in the Middle East. Along with its products being carefully collected from Sri Lanka's unique tea fields, processed and packaged, Ceylon tea bags have been presented to consumers since 2010, and have created satisfaction with its taste that does not lose its naturalness.

Mahbuba Coffee

Mahbuba Coffee is the high quality instant granule coffee product manufactured by Aktürk Group with its experience in the hot beverage sector by expanding its product network. It is presented to the taste of coffee lovers all over the world being manufactured from the special coffee beans with a unique aroma.

Mahbuba Rice

Mahbuba Rice, the basmati rice brand produced for the Middle East market and delivered to the consumers, has achieved great appreciation with its very special flavor and naturalness.

Mahbuba Chili Pepper

Being produced for the Turkish and Middle East markets and delivered to the consumers, Mahbuba Chili Pepper has achieved great appreciation with its unique taste. Mahbuba Chili Pepper produced by natural means brings rejoice to the tables with its colour, smell and aroma.